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Drought effect on Autumn in New England

My first thoughts on the drought and how it will affect the New England fall colors.

First! Don’t worry be happy!

I’m reading blogs and news reports of the forest services in MA, VT, NH and the general consensus is that depending on where you are this will be a normal or above normal year.

Everybody wearing their fall foliage smiley face?

Ok, deep breath, the drought affects different trees in different ways… (not the solid answer you want right? read on…)

New England fall foliage in Massachusetts
Blue heron fishing in a very dry pond 2012

I know that doesn’t sound good because you have laid out big bucks for your fall foliage vacation.

I hear this a lot, “I’m looking for perfect fall colors and if I’m not guaranteed of perfect colors I’m cancelling” (slight paraphrase).

My advice for someone like this is simple. STAY HOME! It will never be perfect.

I’ve never seen “perfect” fall color everywhere across an entire region. Have I seen “peak” sure but I’ve seen much more wonderful fall colors that doesn’t come close to the mythical “peak”.

The Guildhall grist mill sits on the old Crawford farm homestead. there is a splitrail fence surrounding the property.
The Guildhall gristmill on the Crawford farm

If I find 50% of the trees are at full color, I’m happy, If I find 75% of the trees are at full color, I’m ready to have a heart attack. If I do see an area that does look like “peak”, then I’ve died and gone to heaven…

Just for the record, I’ve seen peak 5% of the past 15+ seasons. I’ve seen 75% of full color about 55% of the same time frame. I’ve seen 50% of full color around 95% of the same time frame.

What to do about my plans?

Well check for current updates and leave your questions on the current articles.

Next don’t worry about the fall colors as much as planning to explore and find all the wonderful things to do in New England

I hope this was helpful.. a little šŸ™‚

Jeff Folger

Favorite Fall foliage location – New Hampshire

Kinsman Notch –Ā fall foliage location

Kinsman Notch in the western mountains of New Hampshire is my first favorite scenic fall foliageĀ location.

The beaver pond also known as Kinsman Notch
Kinsman Notch on a foggy morning

Kinsman Notch is also known as the beaver pond. The great thing about the beaver pond is how easy it is to get to it. The general location to look for first is Lincoln New Hampshire. This is just off of Route 93 and you may recognise it as the western starting point of the Kancamagus Highway (the Kanc).

The “Kanc” is also known as Route 112 and today you are going to drive west out of Lincoln to Woodstock NH. (This is not Woodstock Vermont so be careful with GPS directions). Stay on Route 112 past Woodstock and you will now be on Lost River rd. Follow this through the hills for around 6 miles and as you pass the Lost Gorge and Boulder cavesĀ on your right, you should be ready to tap the brakes.

Art Prints Soon you will see the pond on your left and there is a small parking lot to pull into. The spot on the end is mine…

I’ve found my best shots of the pond come near dawn. and cloudy grey days can be just as nice. I zoom in and crop out the bland sky and focus instead, on the color on the hill above the pond that form the sides of this bowl full of fall colors.

If you are really lucky you will arrive with no wind and have a mirror like fall foliage reflection.

If you arrive in Woodstock and its still dark then leave 112 for the main street and look for the convenience store on the left. They make the best breakfast biscuits and the coffee is Green Mountain… So it can’t be too bad.

Jeff Foliage
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