Drought effect on Autumn in New England

My first thoughts on the drought and how it will affect the New England fall colors.

First! Don’t worry be happy!

I’m reading blogs and news reports of the forest services in MA, VT, NH and the general consensus is that depending on where you are this will be a normal or above normal year.

Everybody wearing their fall foliage smiley face?

Ok, deep breath, the drought affects different trees in different ways… (not the solid answer you want right? read on…)

New England fall foliage in Massachusetts
Blue heron fishing in a very dry pond 2012

I know that doesn’t sound good because you have laid out big bucks for your fall foliage vacation.

I hear this a lot, “I’m looking for perfect fall colors and if I’m not guaranteed of perfect colors I’m cancelling” (slight paraphrase).

My advice for someone like this is simple. STAY HOME! It will never be perfect.

I’ve never seen “perfect” fall color everywhere across an entire region. Have I seen “peak” sure but I’ve seen much more wonderful fall colors that doesn’t come close to the mythical “peak”.

The Guildhall grist mill sits on the old Crawford farm homestead. there is a splitrail fence surrounding the property.
The Guildhall gristmill on the Crawford farm

If I find 50% of the trees are at full color, I’m happy, If I find 75% of the trees are at full color, I’m ready to have a heart attack. If I do see an area that does look like “peak”, then I’ve died and gone to heaven…

Just for the record, I’ve seen peak 5% of the past 15+ seasons. I’ve seen 75% of full color about 55% of the same time frame. I’ve seen 50% of full color around 95% of the same time frame.

What to do about my plans?

Well check Jeff_Foliage.com for current updates and leave your questions on the current articles.

Next don’t worry about the fall colors as much as planning to explore and find all the wonderful things to do in New England

I hope this was helpful.. a little 🙂

Jeff Folger

2 thoughts on “Drought effect on Autumn in New England”

  1. Your photography is just superb and awe inspiring. I’m chronically I’ll with many pain issues and can’t stay anywhere overnight as I care fir many I’ll pets. I live just 20 mins north of Boston, MA. Do you or anyone have any recommendations where I can shhot? I am very limited as to time unfirtunately,can’t leave my house before 9 am as nd must be back by 6 pm latest. I know. I kniw, but I’m not giving uo..
    For tuna rely I live near the ocean and shoot lots of synruse scenes .Thank u so very much for everything u share with so many.
    Cher Angelo

    1. Hi Cher, if you take a ride down 90 to the Quabbin or up onto Route 2 to the Mohawk trail. This year everything east of you will be hard hit by the drought so head a far west as you can get. Old Sturbridge village is another good location.
      Best of luck!

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