Peacham, a Scenic Vermont village

The Peacham Vermont view

Mention  “Vermont village” in a conversation and you could be describing anywhere in Vermont. There are many that fit that description. But if you ask a Vermonter about what they think exemplifies  a Vermont village, most likely they will answer, Peacham.

Peacham village in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in autumn, showing New England fall foliage
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There is something about Peacham that draws me back each year. It might be that there is little in the way of business in the town center. Outside of a couple of small stores there is little to indicate much business going on there.

If you spend time there though, you will find that small home businesses are going on. from artist’s galleries to boutique maple producers, folks are being productive. Many people work outside of Peacham in larger neighboring towns. Danville is just the other side of a few hills and there is a college there and a full downtown.

How to find the Peacham view

If you want the Peacham view the go up the church road and park next to the fire company. Then walk across the open field and look back towards the town center… and there you have the Peacham view.

If you want to see my digital painting of the “Peacham view” then click the image below.

Photography Prints

I have more New England fall foliage at this link. and if I don’t have what you are looking for I have several photographer friends that I can ask and see If they do.

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Jeff "Foliage" Folger 
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